Dear Parent / Carer.Please complete this Questionnaire about what you think of our School.
All answers are totally anonymous and we will use them to improve our service to you and your child. Where you are in disagreement it is useful to comment on ways we could improve.
Many Thanks!  Mr May.
The School keeps my child safe.

My Child is making progress at school.

My Child is happy at school.

The School deals well with unacceptable behaviour / bullying incidents.

Any concerns I have had have been dealt with appropriately by the school.

I am happy that I am kept up to date with my childs progress through Annual Reviews and Parents Evenings as well as other daily communications.

I have used the School Website or School App for information.

The School sets appropriate homework for my child bearing in mind my childs learning difficulties. Yes/ No

if you are unsure about the schools policy please click below before answering.
If you are dissatisfied with any areas you have commented on or any ways you think we could improve our service, please write here.

Please write any positive comments you might have about our school here.

Thanks for completing this typeform
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